San Giovanni Battista di Monte Calvo, Via Monte Calvo 35, 40065 Pianoro BO, Italy

The church of San Giovanni Battista is located at the top of a natural relief between the valleys of the Savena and Zena streams. The architectural complex is accessed through an avenue characterized by a double row of cypresses and pillars of the Via Crucis, preceded by two masonry pillars with statues on top. The complex includes the bell tower, the rectory, the cemetery, and a rural service building.

The first news about the church is contained in the "Estimo del Contado di Porta Ravennate" dated 1235. At the beginning it is remembered as an Oratory, and then became a Parish, dependent of the urban Plebanato, under the district of Porta Ravegnana as shown in a document from 1296.